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Captain Andrew Dorian

Name Andrew Jacob Dorian

Position Game Manager

Rank Captain


Class Sovereign
Operating Year 2399 (Starts in 2388)
Story Focus The Novaro is flung foward 11 years to 2399. The crew must adapt to the time missed, and the last year, of the century.

Out of Character

Format Nova
Rating 312 (15+)
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Personnel Manifest Captain Andrew Dorian: Commanding Officer (Playing Character)

Lieutenant Commander Raymond Bailey: Executive Officer, and Chief Operations Officer (Playing Character)

Lieutenant Ashlynn Regan: Second Officer, and Chief Science Officer (Non-playing Character)

Lieutenant John Rain: Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Playing Character)

Ensign Aaron Luther: Flight Control Officer (Non-playing Character)

Cadet Senior Grade Iris Jenson: Support Craft Pilot (Non-playing Character)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jake Jenkins: Engineering Officer (Non-playing Character)

Master Warrant Officer Jason Strand: Intelligence Officer (Non-Playing Character)


Top Open Positions Second Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Marine Commanding Officer
Group Commander


Synopsis The USS Novaro NCC-89806-B, formerly the USS Sulu, a Sovereign Class, is relaunched under the Command OF Captain Andrew Dorian. -More Coming Soon-

Mission Data

Current Mission Coming Soon!
Past Missions N/A