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Captain Keziah Nazir

Name Keziah Nazir

Position Game Manager

Rank Captain


Class Planetary Outpost
Operating Year 2399
Story Focus Exploration, Command and Control

Out of Character

Format Nova
Rating 323
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Personnel Manifest Captain Keziah Nazir, Commanding Officer
Commander Aria Winters, Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Hill M.D., Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG Peter Wilson, Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign Jocelyn Zemke, Chief Operations Officer
Ensign MacKensie Rabb, Assistant Engineering Officer
Ensign Bobbi Katz, Biologist
Ensign Lelann, Language Specialist
Chief Warrant Officer Jayse, Boatswain


Top Open Positions Chief Tactical Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Assistants, All Departments
Junior Officers


Synopsis Maiden voyages are supposed to be memorable occasions, but the maiden voyage of the starship Ulysses was proving to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Having been dispatched to rescue two missing crewmembers believed to have been kidnapped on the lawless colony of FreeCloud, the Ulysses was soon engaged in battle with three Orion Interceptors, hell bent on keeping their prisoners. Although the aging Orion vessels were no match for the Ulysses, it didn’t stop them from putting up resistance until they finally had to admit defeat.

With her crew reunited and now free to begin their mission of exploration, the Captain ordered the use of the slipstream drive to make up for lost time; a decision that would prove fateful for all aboard. Just seconds into their journey through the slipstream vortex, the Ulysses began to experience catastrophic systems failures. Hurtling through space at excessive speeds, the ship was eventually ripped from slipstream velocity by the quick thinking of her engineering team.

A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional whites of various astral bodies, enveloped the Federation starship. Explosions ravaged the external hull of the massive vessel. Out of control and picking up speed, the craft was leaving thick plumes of black smoke trailing in her wake. Rather fortuitously, an opportunity to put a halt to the disastrous situation presented itself, it was just unfortunate that the solution came in the form of a large, lifeless space body directly in the ship's path.

Despite the best efforts of all aboard, the crew were left with no choice but to evacuate their ship. Huddled together in pods, shuttles, and runabouts alike, the crew watched helplessly as the Ulysses plummeted to her fiery death, impacting the moon’s surface at phenomenal speed. All but the feintest hope of survivors perished before their very eyes.

Now, with their Captain and many others seemingly lost to the void of space, Commander Aria Winters must assume the mantle of command, and guide her crew to safety. With sensors and long-range communications offline, and the escape pods limited to sublight speed, they must first gather and plan for their continued survival.

But something lurks in the shadows of their new home…

Mission Data

Current Mission

Death Be Not Proud

Difficult decisions await the crew of the Ulysses in the wake of the startling revelations about the sabotage conducted aboard the Luna-class vessel of the same name. At the Beta Antares Shipyards the ship will undergo a series of overhauls, which will unfortunately see the ship mothballed for a considerable period of time. With that in mind, and due to the legacy of the Ulysses name, special dispensation has been granted to re-commission the Polaris-class USS Cassiopeia commanded by Captain Keziah Nazir. With Commander Tharia sh’Elas accepting promotion as Adjutant to Admiral Azulas, Captain Nazir extended an invitation to a number of key personnel to serve under her command.

But there is very little time for the crew to settle in as the Ulysses when the crew are given an assignment of the utmost importance – two of the ship’s company have gone missing on FreeCloud and the ship is needed in order to investigate.
Past Missions